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Fox Surveying Company, Inc. specializes in property surveys. We have vast experience in Boundary Surveys which are used for the conveyance of land. Sizes of Boundary Surveys range from small “in-town” platted lots to large farms of hundreds of acres and everything in between. Boundary Surveys are generally required when one of the following situations arises:
  • the existing description is inadequate and no longer transferable
  • a new parcel is being created from a larger parent parcel
  • when a boundary is in dispute between adjacent property owners.

Mortgage / Location Surveys are often required by lenders. Mortgage Surveys locate any available boundary monumentation and any permanent appurtenances situated on the property. Title insurance can then be issued with confidence in knowing what is included and excluded.

Topographic Surveys include the locating of natural and man-made features such as buildings, fences, etc. In addition elevations are measured and added to the plat in the form of contour lines or spot elevations.

Construction Staking is often requested by contractors for complex layouts of both residential and commercial projects. Actual corners and offset monuments are set in their respective locations to ensure that property lines, easement areas and setback restriction are not encroached upon.

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"I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line" Isaiah 28:17 NIV